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There was a time I was told that I was "un-coachable."

I was 20 and had been playing basketball my entire life. Never had I ever been told that I was impossible or very difficult to coach. It felt like I was being told--

You are not good enough to be here.

You are a problem.

Now, 10 years later, I know the power of words and how much that stung in the moment. Yet, in hindsight, it was one of the many things to push me to work harder, get stronger, and prove to myself I belonged.

I never wanted to be the greatest, the best, strongest, or at the top. I just wanted to play, play well, and have fun.

I did not have to be coached by all to be liked-- but I know my work ethic made it so I could be liked by many who coached.

I worked hard, I pushed further, I made everyone around me better.

Those are not skills you can coach. It was something ingrained. Something natural.

Therefore, the message I started to tell myself was--

I belong here.

THIS is what makes me great.

With poise, I started to show them MYSELF who the F I was.

With a smile on my face too.


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