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Purging Old Thoughts

It is now September so not quite spring anymore, however the thought of purging and "spring cleaning" hit me over the weekend.

Working hard to avoid going through my closet I started asking the question as to why it was so difficult for me to sit in the mess and sort out what no longer fits and what can stay.

Well, it was not until I sold a dinning room table and started cleaning it for pick up that it hit me...

"I am not ready to get rid of it!"

But why not? The table acts as a drop zone for all my papers, open mail, and nicknacks all of which are collecting dust. The table, is used appropriately maybe once a week when I choose to do zoom calls from it. But other than that-- it was starting to become an eye sore.

As I remain wishful for the last few months of this year, I've been reflective of how I wish to show up in my personal space.


Who do I want to be (at the end of the month)?

How do I want to see myself?

In what ways can I make adjustments for my future?

And I write this today to say, many times we find ourselves misusing thought patterns, coping skills, and the content in our minds. They are no longer being used for the purpose of their origination.

Often times when we feels stuck, the structure of our thoughts is a place we can start to rearrange patterns and behaviors in the direction we are wishful to see and aspire to.

If you ever heard of Marie Kondo (KonMari), she is a professional organizer, she is known for her videos and writing regarding decluttering one's space. Her methods are tactful and useful to help anyone struggling to get started. Link to her page attached.

As a therapist, I find her methods useful for not just items in the home but thoughts in our mind as well.

One of six basic rules is to "imagine your ideal lifestyle." When it comes to you thoughts, it's important to have a direction in which you want to go in as well. How do you know what to get rid of if you don't know where you are going?

All of that to say--- what started with a closet full of clothes and furniture, led me to believe that there are spaces in my mind that need to be decluttered as well.

And order for me to achieve my goals, a few things occupying my mind space must go as well.

So-- with that. It is okay that the table must go.

My eyesore becomes someone else's pleasant place (or whatever it needs to be).

I can purge and have a September (spring) clean for opportunities of growth. While the things I am passing on become useful to someone else.

And for those two reason, the purge is necessary.

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